Seventh Grade


Using Pearson Interactive Science series the following topics are covered: Diversity of Life, Forces and Energy, Water and the Atmosphere, and Earth’s Surface.  The methods of instruction include reading the text with interactive workbook activities, daily homework in vocabulary & key concepts, lab experiments & activities, and written assessments (tests are multiple choice and essay responses).  Students will also do an extensive research report and Science Fair experiment.


The class uses Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra series.  Key concepts covered include Algebraic expressions, integers, solving equations & inequalities ( one and two step), decimals, fractions, exponents, ratios & proportions, percents, linear functions, graphing, spatial thinking, area & volume, special triangle relationships, and polynomials.


Review of the eight parts of speech, writing in the four major styles (descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and expository). Proper grammar, usage, and mechanics within writing are taught along with practical reinforcing activities.


Word recognition, word analysis, elements of literature, strategies to construct meaning, exploration of multiple genres, and comprehension skills are covered in this class.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reader program with self-selected reading.


This class will cover the eras from pre-history (before man could write) up to the Middle Ages. We will learn of early civilizations, classical civilizations, and the establishment of five major world religions. The history will be compared to the Bible’s true account and timeline where applicable.


Continuation of the understanding and application of Biblical doctrine using Luther’s Small Catechism. The faith link between school and home life is emphasized through practical experiences in Christian living, including the family service project, weekly family devotions, worship summaries, faith in action hours, and the faith on display project. This subject is taught by our Senior Pastor and prepares those students who wish to be confirmed in the LCMS.


Application and learning of Microsoft Office.
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